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How It Came To Be


As a kid, I had a Diana-Model 23 break-barrel rifle and loved it. I hadn’t shot an air rifle for over 40 years; then in 2018 I went to the local Field Target club to see what it was all about. I was impressed by how friendly the club members were and how willing they were to help.


I borrowed a club gun for a few matches and was hooked all over again. My first match, using an Air Arms S500, I scored “26” and the next match “21” - I realized I needed practice. I purchased a used gun and started shooting paper targets.


I liked the Field Target reset-style targets but didn’t have space to setup a range with strings running all over the yard, the spinner style targets worked but I was looking for something a little more exciting. After a search I discovered “bell targets” and was intrigued. These metal targets were designed for the indoor sport of bell target shooting and have a small hole for a bull’s eye, when a pellet passes through the hole it rings a bell behind the face plat. These targets are quite complicated…. I set out to build a better mouse trap.


With an engineering background and lots of trial and even more error, I designed the “4-in-1 Bell Target System”. The “Bell Target System” is four targets in one with 4 different sized bull’s eyes or “kill zones” - when a pellet passes through the hole it hits a bell behind the face plate.


A distinct sound difference between a "Face Plate" hit (Dull Thud) or a "Kill Zone" hit (Crisp Ting) will be heard.


These targets are not designed for any one specific discipline and could be used as practice for Field Target, Bench Rest, 10 meter, hunting or just plinking.


To learn more about Field Target go to www.aafta.org or search “air rifle field target” to find a local club.


Safe shooting

Mike E.

Safety First


  • Follow all Customary rifle safety rules
  • Eye protection is recommended
  • Know your target and what is behind it
  • Not recommended for BB's or hard projectiles
  • Targets are designed for Air Guns shooting lead pellets
  • Be careful - target edges may be sharp