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Cube Gong Target



Safety First

  • Follow all customary rifle safety rules
  • Eye protection is recommended
  • Know your target and what is behind it
  • Not recommended for BB’s or hard projectiles
  • Targets are designed for Air Guns shooting lead pellets
  • Be careful – target edges may be sharp



  1. Use the included shock cord to suspend the “gong” inside the target. Make a simple overhand knot in the one end of the cord. Determine which kill zone (KZ) you want to shoot first and with that KZ facing you, thread the shock cord sideways through the target then “gong” then out the other side of the target and make another overhand knot.
  2. Adjust the shock cord tension so that the “gong” hangs free and does not touch the mounting screw or the sides of the target but is tight enough to not hang below the target.
  3. A short length of wire or zip tie (not included) could be used in place of the shock cord for a more crisp sound.




The “Cube Gong” is supplied with a 5” mounting screw. This screw serves two purposes, mounting the target and to stop “face plate” (FP) resonance. This screw should be tight; even to the extent it compresses the FP slightly.

Target can be screwed to a fence post, telephone pole or tree. When mounting the “Cube Gong” to a tree with thick bark a longer screw may be necessary. The “Cube Gong” can also be mounted to a wooden board.


When mounted correctly, a distinct sound difference between a “face plate” shot (thud) or a “kill zone” shot (ting) will be heard. See video On Home Page


Range Suggestion

Kill Zone Size Range in Yards
3/8” 10 to 20
½” 21 to 31
¾” 32 to 43
1” 44 to 55


2018 Price Sheet

Number of Targets Unit Price Packing & Shipping CONUS Total
1 $25.00 each $10.00 $35.00
2 $25.00 each $16.00 $66.00
3 $25.00 each $18.00 $93.00
4 $23.00 each $24.00 $116.00
5 to 9 $23.00 each By Address/Weight  
10 $20.00 each By Address/Weight  

Bulk orders and shipping outside CONUS – Prices by request

Choose how many you would like up to 4 in the drop down below pricing includes shipping. (If you would like to purchase more than 4 please fill out the form on the contact page and we will get back with you with a special rate shipping for you quanity.) Click Here To Contact Us

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